Con te partirò


This post will be my last post in this blog. I would like to say a big thank you to YOU, yes YOU! Who is reading this post, and perhaps some of my other posts? =)

This blog will be an evidence of mine on how I have grown and how my mindset on the integration of ICT has changed, from the beginning of this course, EDC 3100, to the end of this course, along with the end of my studies in BECH.


From the bottom of my heart, EDC 3100 and this blog, we will never meet again! And hope NOT to soon you soon!



My favourite lesson


Teaching is not easy especially for those teachers with chicken voice, like me! (LoL).Thanks God that I would have the best feeling ever when I see the creation of the lesson.

Here is the creation that made me feel *proud


Even though this is just a 3 minutes plus video, it is really not easy.

I have occupied 3 lessons to create this video

1st lesson:

I read children the story My Home

Discuss about the different parts of home and different people

Get the children to read-out-loud the repetitive sentence in the story ‘I went into the place, people was there!’

2nd lesson:

(Pre-prepared) the ‘template’ for the children

Have the children to complete the sentence ‘I went into the place, people was there!’ They may choose whichever parts of home and people they preferred.

Have the children to draw the scenario, based on the sentence they have completed

3rd lesson:

(Pre-prepared) scan all the children’s works into the computers

Again, get the children to read-out-loud the repetitive sentence in the story ‘I went into the place, people was there!’

Have children to record their voice of reading out their sentence (1 by 1)

Design the video (whole class)

Even though the video is not perfect, but I am satisfied with it! So glad that the children vigorously grinned and commented on their voices when I was showing them the finalized video. And eventually my mentor and teachers from the next doors were interested in this video too!


I’m a happy girl now!



The outcome of Practicum

Yay I have finally completed my practicum in Real Kids, Suria Campus last 2 weeks. Just like Charis, I have mixed feelings too!

I am happy because…

Finally I have free time to catch up with my family, friends and my pet!

Finally I can focus on the assignments without any consideration!

Finally I do not have to set 3 alarms at 6 am just to wake myself up!

I am not so happy because…

Separate anxiety

No more daily routines that remain me to have my breakfast at 9, lunch at 12 and tea at 3

Here are few questions I got from Studydesk:

What was the most important or useful thing you learned about integrating ICTs while on Professional Experience?

Children love ICT. Other than learning about planning ICT- integrated lessons, I have also learnt about the classroom management skills- on how to manage the happy and excited children when you the teacher are showing ICT gadgets and they are jumping around the classroom like happy kids.

What do you wish you had known about integrating ICTs before going on Professional Experience?

Before going on PE, my only concern is that the children have limited exposure to ICTs. What I mean is manipulating with different ICTs purposefully, and it’s definitely nothing to do with watching TV programs or playing apps in IPhone or Ipad! If they do not have the experience of moving the mouse around, it would be a BIG trouble for me to carry out ICT –integrated lessons.

Has your Professional Experience changed your views on the role of ICTs in learning and teaching? If so, how?

Yes! Children can definitely do it and achieve beyond your expectation! Just believe them and scaffold them!


I will definitely miss the place miss the children miss the teachers miss the lunch in Real Kids, Suria Campus! Thanks for giving me such great experiences and hope to see you soon.