The Google Logos


Few years back I was inspired by my sister, Agnes, who was currently pursuing her degree in graphic design and started to collect the Google logos. Sometimes Google will come out with special designed logos on special days. Some of the logos are really very creative and interesting, and most importantly sometimes the logos are inspiring! I am not sure if this is good or bad… or a silly hobby? But it’s at least something that I constantly do, up until now. I have missed some as some of them aren’t image so I couldn’t save it in my computer. =(

My very first Google logo on 27/9/2010:



Some of my favourite logos:

audubon11-hp brancusi11-hp cezanne11-hp flintstones10-hp Julia_Child-2012-hp

While I am oragnising this blog post (means now!), I have googled and found a website called DoodleCollect. It has got ALL the Google logo, since 1998 up until now! Yay I could download those I have missed now!

Does anyone here have this hobby as well? =)

A picture that tells a thousand words?

photo (7)



One of the quotes says that a picture is more than enough to tell a story without a large amount of descriptive texts. Hmm…

This is one of my ICT- integrated lessons I have done with 13 children aged 5 in my practicum school. This is most successful lesson as the children really enjoyed in this lesson! *Proud =)

Let’s see if you could guess the parts of this lesson by just catching a glimpse on this photo.

I will blog about this lesson later in time! Stay tuned!




Topic of Interest 2 -The Interactive White Board (IWB)


My current practicum school has no IWB, but I have experienced in using IWB in one of my previous kindergartens. I joined the newly set-up kindergarten 4 years back, for a period of 3 months. I would say that the school had nothing, the owner had zero experience in early childhood education, shortage of teachers (after i had left the school they eventually hired foreign maid as the replacement teacher!), they did not have their own curriculum and syllabus and they used to get their textbooks for the book store next door. But, they had 2 IWB. And because of these IWB, they had got about 25 children and managed to survive throughout the first year.

It is now obvious that setting up IWB is a good investment for the school.

The teachers:

They do not have to spend time to copy words by words from the textbook to the whiteboard.

They do not have to worry that the children could not recognise their words and drawings.

The children:

They do not have to worry that the lessons are boring!

The parents:

They do not have to worry that the children are learning in an environment covered in the dust of chalks.

The school:

When the teachers, children and parents are favouring to the IWB, $$$ will come!

Well, it is inappropriate to critise the school while I, the teacher did not do well in teaching with the IWB. Nielsen (2010) has listed the ten NOs of teaching with a projector or IWB in her blog. Particularly, I think I have made these two mistakes- (6) Don’t waste instructional time fumbling with projector set up and (7) Don’t assume your audience can see what you can see.

Did you?




Nielsen,  L. (2010). The ten no nos of teaching with a projector or interactive whiteboard. Retrieved 2013, May 7, from