Con te partirò


This post will be my last post in this blog. I would like to say a big thank you to YOU, yes YOU! Who is reading this post, and perhaps some of my other posts? =)

This blog will be an evidence of mine on how I have grown and how my mindset on the integration of ICT has changed, from the beginning of this course, EDC 3100, to the end of this course, along with the end of my studies in BECH.


From the bottom of my heart, EDC 3100 and this blog, we will never meet again! And hope NOT to soon you soon!



My favourite lesson


Teaching is not easy especially for those teachers with chicken voice, like me! (LoL).Thanks God that I would have the best feeling ever when I see the creation of the lesson.

Here is the creation that made me feel *proud


Even though this is just a 3 minutes plus video, it is really not easy.

I have occupied 3 lessons to create this video

1st lesson:

I read children the story My Home

Discuss about the different parts of home and different people

Get the children to read-out-loud the repetitive sentence in the story ‘I went into the place, people was there!’

2nd lesson:

(Pre-prepared) the ‘template’ for the children

Have the children to complete the sentence ‘I went into the place, people was there!’ They may choose whichever parts of home and people they preferred.

Have the children to draw the scenario, based on the sentence they have completed

3rd lesson:

(Pre-prepared) scan all the children’s works into the computers

Again, get the children to read-out-loud the repetitive sentence in the story ‘I went into the place, people was there!’

Have children to record their voice of reading out their sentence (1 by 1)

Design the video (whole class)

Even though the video is not perfect, but I am satisfied with it! So glad that the children vigorously grinned and commented on their voices when I was showing them the finalized video. And eventually my mentor and teachers from the next doors were interested in this video too!


I’m a happy girl now!



The outcome of Practicum

Yay I have finally completed my practicum in Real Kids, Suria Campus last 2 weeks. Just like Charis, I have mixed feelings too!

I am happy because…

Finally I have free time to catch up with my family, friends and my pet!

Finally I can focus on the assignments without any consideration!

Finally I do not have to set 3 alarms at 6 am just to wake myself up!

I am not so happy because…

Separate anxiety

No more daily routines that remain me to have my breakfast at 9, lunch at 12 and tea at 3

Here are few questions I got from Studydesk:

What was the most important or useful thing you learned about integrating ICTs while on Professional Experience?

Children love ICT. Other than learning about planning ICT- integrated lessons, I have also learnt about the classroom management skills- on how to manage the happy and excited children when you the teacher are showing ICT gadgets and they are jumping around the classroom like happy kids.

What do you wish you had known about integrating ICTs before going on Professional Experience?

Before going on PE, my only concern is that the children have limited exposure to ICTs. What I mean is manipulating with different ICTs purposefully, and it’s definitely nothing to do with watching TV programs or playing apps in IPhone or Ipad! If they do not have the experience of moving the mouse around, it would be a BIG trouble for me to carry out ICT –integrated lessons.

Has your Professional Experience changed your views on the role of ICTs in learning and teaching? If so, how?

Yes! Children can definitely do it and achieve beyond your expectation! Just believe them and scaffold them!


I will definitely miss the place miss the children miss the teachers miss the lunch in Real Kids, Suria Campus! Thanks for giving me such great experiences and hope to see you soon.




The Google Logos


Few years back I was inspired by my sister, Agnes, who was currently pursuing her degree in graphic design and started to collect the Google logos. Sometimes Google will come out with special designed logos on special days. Some of the logos are really very creative and interesting, and most importantly sometimes the logos are inspiring! I am not sure if this is good or bad… or a silly hobby? But it’s at least something that I constantly do, up until now. I have missed some as some of them aren’t image so I couldn’t save it in my computer. =(

My very first Google logo on 27/9/2010:



Some of my favourite logos:

audubon11-hp brancusi11-hp cezanne11-hp flintstones10-hp Julia_Child-2012-hp

While I am oragnising this blog post (means now!), I have googled and found a website called DoodleCollect. It has got ALL the Google logo, since 1998 up until now! Yay I could download those I have missed now!

Does anyone here have this hobby as well? =)

A picture that tells a thousand words?

photo (7)



One of the quotes says that a picture is more than enough to tell a story without a large amount of descriptive texts. Hmm…

This is one of my ICT- integrated lessons I have done with 13 children aged 5 in my practicum school. This is most successful lesson as the children really enjoyed in this lesson! *Proud =)

Let’s see if you could guess the parts of this lesson by just catching a glimpse on this photo.

I will blog about this lesson later in time! Stay tuned!




Topic of Interest 2 -The Interactive White Board (IWB)


My current practicum school has no IWB, but I have experienced in using IWB in one of my previous kindergartens. I joined the newly set-up kindergarten 4 years back, for a period of 3 months. I would say that the school had nothing, the owner had zero experience in early childhood education, shortage of teachers (after i had left the school they eventually hired foreign maid as the replacement teacher!), they did not have their own curriculum and syllabus and they used to get their textbooks for the book store next door. But, they had 2 IWB. And because of these IWB, they had got about 25 children and managed to survive throughout the first year.

It is now obvious that setting up IWB is a good investment for the school.

The teachers:

They do not have to spend time to copy words by words from the textbook to the whiteboard.

They do not have to worry that the children could not recognise their words and drawings.

The children:

They do not have to worry that the lessons are boring!

The parents:

They do not have to worry that the children are learning in an environment covered in the dust of chalks.

The school:

When the teachers, children and parents are favouring to the IWB, $$$ will come!

Well, it is inappropriate to critise the school while I, the teacher did not do well in teaching with the IWB. Nielsen (2010) has listed the ten NOs of teaching with a projector or IWB in her blog. Particularly, I think I have made these two mistakes- (6) Don’t waste instructional time fumbling with projector set up and (7) Don’t assume your audience can see what you can see.

Did you?




Nielsen,  L. (2010). The ten no nos of teaching with a projector or interactive whiteboard. Retrieved 2013, May 7, from

The young Facebookers


One of my friend’s nephew who is only 2 this year, has an active account in Facebook! Of course, if the little boy know how to run his Facebook account, he must be genius! (LOL!) The Facebook is actually created by my friend (means the little boy’s aunt) and it is managed by the little boy’s family members, mainly his parents and aunties.

photo (13)

It seems like it is the current trend that helping the children to set up a Facebook account since they are young. Not only my friend’s nephew, I know quite a number of children’s Facebook accounts that are managed by the parents, especially the Taiwanese. Some of these children even have their fan pages and over 800K fans. Wow!

photo (14)

photo (15)

Do you think it is appropriate for the parents to do so? How would the child feel when he/ she has reached the age that she could manage her Facebook account individually?

*I guess I would feel good and warm when I catch a sight of collections of my photos and videos uploaded by my parents since I was still a baby.



Topic of Interest: ICTs and Early Childhood- Photo Sharing Apps


Many of my peers have suggested the use of “blog” in the children classroom (For example Mei Yih and Bing). So do my lecturer. I have seen quite a number of successful class blogs and I will definitely say yes to class blogs.

Here comes my concern…

In my context, 80% of my children are ESL learners and I could hardly see children from ‘Pure’ English background. We have Mandarin and Cantonese for the Chinese children, Malays for the Malay children and Tamil for the Indian children. There are just too many different languages for the children to learn and communicate in. Most importantly they are just 4 to 6 years old and I don’t think it is good to ‘push’ them to become skilful in everything. After all, my children might not be able to write lengthy English in keeping with blogs.

Here comes the solution…

Instead of wanting them to write lengthy English in class blogs, I would actually suggest children’s friendly Photo Sharing Apps, which is more age appropriate for the children in my context. For example:


Hi Mom!

Mrs Judd has created the teachers’ guide on this app.


Snap & Share Kids Cam


Almost the same as class blogs, Photo Sharing Apps allows the young users to upload photos as a mean of expression, insert short texts to portray the photos, share among peers and also give short comments on peers’ photos.

After all I believe that Photo Sharing Apps, as well as blogs would be a platform for the children to play around with texts more frequently and purposefully which will eventually help in enhancing children’s literacy skills and social skills.




photo (11)

My News Feed in Facebook is currently being flooded by my friends’ posts, something like ‘Hey there! I am currently using Maaii…’ My first impression is… OMG new virus! =) Oh well, it is not a virus.

Maaii is the new social networking app for smart ICT devices that allows the users to instantly reach friends for free. Call and text; send funny stickers, animations, photos, and private messages are ALL FREE! Check it out from the official website!

From a college student’s point of view- Yay another social networking app to use! You haven’t got one yet? Faster download the app, register an account and most importantly add me as friend!

From a pre-service teacher’s point of view- Don’t you think this app could be a platform for the children to play around with texts more frequently and purposefully? Would it help in enhancing children’s literacy skills and social skills? Would the children be able to use this app? I guess they would enjoy in sending stickers and funny chat animations?

Let’s think about it. =)

P/S: other than Maaii, my mate, Katrina has come across another interesting app called Blippar. Please feel free to visit her blog post!

never too old to learn

It is now too common to hear that children are the 21st century learners thus ICTs should be included in the classroom as it could be a tool to enhance children’s learning and so forth. I am certainly agreed on this idea.

When I was reading through my mate, Mei Yih’s blog post titled ‘21st Century Learners’, I was inspired by one of her ideas. She said, ‘As much as we are trying to mould our children to become 21st century learners, I believe that we as educators should also ‘upgrade’ ourselves’. I find this sentence rather true, especially at this moment that I am on prac.

During the first week of my prac, I was being requested by my class teacher to help her to do something using the computer. My class teacher was asked to create some flashcards by just printing out the words from the computers and paste them onto the cardboard. This task is rather simple (for me) but my class teacher does not even know that she could use Microsoft Words to do the flashcards! What more type the words out, change the font size and print the words out.

So, I would say that YES ICTs are not a big deal for the young teachers and teachers who undergo studies. But, please not to forget the experienced teachers with limited knowledge with ICTs.

Research by Sayago, Forbes and Blat (2012) shows that it is possible for the older people to learn ICTs, just bear in mind that it will never too old to learn!





Sayago, S., Forbes, P. & Blat, J. (2012). Older people becoming successful ICT learners over time: challenges and strategies through an ethnographical lens. Retrieved 2013, April 27, from